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About Us

Our Values

Operating as a complete recruitment partner for the Care Sector, we offer a first time resolution service to new and existing clients. Our industry knowledge and experience allow us to confidently support any business need and through operating a transparent and honest approach to all of our clients - we never under-deliver.
Medicall Recruitment & Medicall Temporary Staffing Solutions Ltd are built upon 4 key values that echo through our entire organisation. They are the very principles that outline not only how we practice day to day but also act as the foundations to our recruitment process, compliance & onboarding and temporary workers 'code of conduct'. As a result, We have firmly positioned our self as a partner of choice for a large number of Care Sector clients for both permanent and temporary staffing solutions.
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Medicall History

The Recruitment World

Medicall's journey began long before our incorporation. It started back in 2012 when both our perms and temp division directors entered the recruitment space in their respective sectors. Both starting out within internal commercial recruitment roles, they would quickly learn the fundamentals and importance of first rate recruitment practices.

Healthcare Recruitment

In 2014, following a successful internal recruitment and sales background, our founding director Mike, entered into the role that would act as a catalyst for Medicall's beginning. Starting out as a consultant working a small area, it became apparent that the demand for high quality clinical and non clinical staffing to the Health & Social Care sector wasn't being matched by current agencies, as it should. This was also confirmed by the sales focused and commission based atmosphere in which Mike found himself in.

The Beginning

With the continuation of poor service and the rapid saturation within the healthcare recruitment space, it was time to make a change. Mike began meeting with numerous potential investors and business partners in an attempt to find someone with the same view of quality led recruitment.


​Following months of meetings with profit focused partners, Mike managed to meet Gavin. Gavin, an owner of numerous private nursing and care services shared Mike's view of the lack of quality led recruitment offerings and decided to come on board. This leading to the Incorporation of Medicall Recruitment Ltd.

Office Move

Following a fantastic first 12 months, Medicall had grown fast and was in desperate need of more space in order to continue to develop - leading to the opening of Medicall's new city centre based office.

The Full Package

​After a significant uptake in client feedback stating the difficulty in finding suitably qualified and reliable staff not only on a permanent but temporary basis - We knew it was time to act and began setting up internal systems, policies and procedure in order to supply a full scale temporary offering, to our already extensive client database. Mostly, we knew we had to find someone capable of meeting those clients expectations.

Meet Annie

Annie - Director of Medicall Temporary Staffing Solutions Ltd. Following an extensive search for the right individual to match our provisional demand for temporary staffing, we found Annie. Annie, with over a decade of superior recruitment experience for one of the largest international suppliers of recruitment services, was the stand out choice. Medicall Temporary Staffing Solutions is already an approved supplier for a large number of national care providers and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

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What We Do

Permanent Recruitment
​Every individual within a business has an impact on the overall operation and performance - it is so important to find the right people. That is why we uphold a vigorous level of standards when it comes to the screening and recruitment of new staff.
Temporary Staffing Solutions
We supply experienced support and care workers into the care sector. Our people are what make Medicall special. Every single person that is involved or works for Medicall Temporary Staffing Solutions understand that they are part of something bigger. We are aware that we carry a certain level of responsibility to make a difference in our clients lives. Therefore, it is vital that our people are carefully selected.
Strategic Planning and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Whether you simply require a new candidate attraction strategy or would like to transfer your entire recruitment function to Medicall - We have extensive experience in all strategies and disciplines to allow us to successfully identify, recruit, and hire high-quality candidates.

To find out more - please contact the team on 01904 530017 or email

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